This has taken me all day. Honestly, all day. I even tried starting it at work as it’s been a very quiet week there. It’s now 10pm, I’ve had a few bottles of my new found favourite beer and I’m ready to destroy this…

I took an impromptu half day off work today, the sun was out, work was super quite and I was eager to get this done. My problem has always been distractions though. Whenever I come up against something that requires a tinsy bit of brain power I’m screwed, I start off and after about 10 minutes I convince myself that there is something more important to do. To be fair, the lawn did need mowing and my town in Cities Skylines needed attending to and then I noticed that the kitchen was a mess, oh and the telly was a bit dusty and I hadn’t watched the second episode of the new Top Gear. Dinner needed cooking and eating and a new episode of The Path was on Prime which I needed to see.

Here I am, distracted.

As I mentioned in my About┬ásection I’m hoping to improve my fitness, my plan is to get out running again and also a bit of cycling. I’ve set myself a couple of goals, a half marathon with a sub 2 hour time and to complete a 50 mile bike ride. The half marathon isn’t going to be until 2018. Early thoughts are Silverstone in March but I’m wanting to do a couple of 10k races this year. The bike ride is going to be in August this year at the Tour de Broads. I did it last year with some friends from work. Last year the course was 40 miles rather than 50… I was ruined after about mile 15. I’d like to make it to at least 30 miles before I start shaking.

Lets also get it out there, I’m also doing this to look good in my wedding suit! T-minus 17 months and counting.

I’m hoping to get out for a run tomorrow as I’m off work. I’ll be using Runtastic and I’ve mapped out a virtually flat 5k loop, hills are hard to find in these parts. Shame…




2 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Hi Pete – good to find a blog by another Norfolk runner! We should go for a run round UEA or something, sounds like we’re on similar stages of the ‘comeback journey’ ­čÖé


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