Sweaty mess

It’s been a busy few days! I went for my 5k loop run yesterday, it was hot! Who’d have thought going for a run at 1pm in full sunshine and no breeze it would be that hot, I am a fool sometimes. I came so close to stopping a good few times but I dug in and kept those feet plodding. There is of course no shame in stopping if you need to, better to stop than carry on and cause an injury. When I got back and became less of a sweaty mess I took a look at Runtastic and surprised myself that I hadn’t done a run since last Wednesday but then thinking about it, I had a fair bit on…

I mentioned earlier that I’ve been studying towards gaining my Foundation in ITIL Certification, yeah it is as interesting as it sounds… I had my exam booked in for Monday and had done a few practice exams. I was not feeling confident. I needed to put in as much study time as possible which meant that, unfortunately, my running took a bit a back seat. I’m pleased to say that it paid off though and I passed the exam! Looking back I wish I had snuck a run in. Exercise is always good, helps clear the mind and as I’m sure we all know is good for releasing stress.

The weekend went by, I was at work both days and went out for a meal in Norwich for my brother’s birthday on Saturday. Monday and Tuesday were days off. Apart from my exam which was online I thought to myself, yeah lets have a bit of a chill and enjoy the nice weather. I forgot though that we’d planned to paint the living room, mission! (saying that I’m glad it’s done it does look good).

On Tuesday my football team, Charlton Athletic, were playing MK Dons. Living in Norfolk makes it difficult to get to games but I wanted to make the effort for this one. PC Keith Palmer who was the police officer killed in the Westminster terror attack in March was a season ticket holder at Charlton and the club said they were going to donate half of the ticket sales and the players donating their appearance fees to the family of PC Palmer. Given the current state of the running of the club (good info can be found here at the CARD website) this was an amazing gesture so thought it would be good to drive the three hours down to London and support the cause.  The teams were led out by Keith’s brother and 22 members of the police. A minute silence was then held before the game. It was fantastically done.


Just before the moment of silence at The Valley

It’s just a shame the game didn’t follow on. What I saw during the game was one of the worst games I have ever seen from a Charlton side. I felt properly gutted. I think I’ll leave my thoughts regarding the club for another blog.

Planning on heading out for a run tomorrow, for now I’m getting back to my chillout evening in front of the TV.

Run stats
Distance – 5.06 km
Duration – 27.17 mins
Average pace – 5.23 min/km

By the way, if you’ve stumbled upon my blog and you’re running too, leave me a comment about how you’re getting on and if you’ve got tips or pointers to share, would be great to hear about them!


Bit of a rest

I did my 5k loop when I got home yesterday which went well. I still blasted my first kilometre though, I need some self restraint! The roads were quite busy at that time so there was a lot of stopping and starting, I suppose it was fartlek training in the loosest sense of the word. It did get me thinking about interval training though. I’ve heard it bandied about here and there and aware that it’s a good method of getting your fitness up. I think I need to build up my basic fitness first before entering the mystic world of interval training though. I’m taking a rest day today for a few reasons:

  • Your body needs a rest! Always important to give your body a chance to recover and repair properly! I found a good article here about why it’s important to rest in between training sessions, definitely worth a read.
  • It’s a warm, sunny day here in Norfolk so I might have a sneaky beer in the garden when I get home because why not and also, this might actually be our summer!
  • My right knee has twinged a couple of times today so I don’t want to make it any worse. I’ll do some stretches this evening to loosen it up a bit and see how we are on Friday, definitely don’t want to risk bodging that up again.

I’ve been doing a few other exercises at home, I’m now up to just over two minutes on the plank, my previous best was a minute thirty. I’ve got a good app from the Google Play store, Plank Challenge by Vandersoft but there a hundreds out there. I’ve tried a few but I like this one because it increases the duration of your plank each day but you can also change the difficulty. Basically the length of time it starts on day one which it then increases from (does that make sense?!). Hopefully means that when you get to the end of one difficulty you can continue on a higher difficulty. There’s also a fancy graph that shows your progress. Graphs are always cool.

Work has been the same, pretty quiet now the students are on holiday, gives me a chance to read in preparation for my ITIL exam, really not feeling good about that…

Anyhoo, enjoy your day/evening/night wherever you are, catch up soon!

Run stats
Distance – 5.08 km
Duration – 27.16 mins
Average pace – 5.22 min/km

By the way, if you’ve stumbled upon my blog and you’re running too, leave me a comment about how you’re getting on and if you’ve got tips or pointers to share, would be great to hear about them!

City run

I woke up this morning and it was proper gorillas in the mist out there so I crawled back into bed until I had to get up for work, the motivation was lacking. I instantly felt bad but the bed was too comfortable. I took my kit to work though and plotted a run on Runtastic during the day. Found a good 5k loop that started and finished at my work. It was good as it was on pavements all the way, rather than country lanes. It felt liberating to not have to constantly look over my shoulder for cars or tractors ready to run me over! The route has more inclines than my original 5k, nothing insane, this is Norfolk remember! It was good to have sections that pushed me a bit but also a relief to have the down hill bits! Pace was ever so slightly slower than my last run, probably down to the couple of up hill stretches that I need to get better at. I’ll do a few more of my 5k loops and then look to mix it up a bit/make the runs a bit longer.

Will probably aim to do a run tomorrow evening then have a rest day Thursday, I’ll keep you posted.

Run stats
Distance – 5.41 km
Time – 29.19 mins
Average pace – 5.24 min/km

By the way, if you’ve stumbled upon my blog and you’re running too, leave me a comment about how you’re getting on and if you’ve got tips or pointers to share, would be great to hear about them!

Calm down!

Had a busy weekend, doing some old man gardening but it’s pretty much done now for the summer ahead. All it needs now some warm sunshine, you listening weather!? I went and did my 5k loop on Saturday. I felt pretty pleased with it, mostly because I didn’t lose GPS signal like last time and all of my kilometres were under 6 minutes. I’m gradually learning to take it easy for the first kilometre. I have a tendency to bomb it and then feel knackered for the next 1.5k. I just need to calm down! Saying that though I’ve just had a look at the stats from my last run and yes, my first 1k was the quickest at 5.11min, and the second was my slowest at 5.33min…

I was originally going to do my run on Friday but my lower back felt pretty painful, not sure where it came from. On Thursday I was sitting at my desk at work and it just came on, however I tried to stretch it it didn’t feel any better. Thought I should give it a break, last thing I want is for my back to go on me! Felt a hell of a lot better come Saturday.

Work was really quiet today which normally would have been a snooze fest but it’s given me time to revise for my ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library, snore!) exam. It was originally going to be this Wednesday but realising I may not know as much as I thought I did I’ve rescheduled it for next Monday, furious revision between now and then!

Will be going for a run tomorrow morning before work, not looking forward to it as I’m not a great morning person, will just have to think of that quote from my last blog!

Run stats
Distance – 5.10 km
Time – 27.17 mins
Average pace – 5.20 min/km

GPS lost

Went for a run on Wednesday and did my usual route although I was so close to not doing it. It was wet and windy and I was feeling like having a slob out on the sofa. Even after the first couple of hundred meters though I was glad I forced myself out. I felt I’d got into a good pace and about 10mins into it the rain stopped, not that it was bothering me too much anyways. I also had a crap day at work, to be honest most of this week has been pretty rubbish so getting out on the road was a good stress buster. Saw a good quote on thedancingrunner blog that said something along the lines of, somewhere out there someone older than you, someone fatter than you etc. is running right now which gave me the kick I needed.

My phone did betray me though, about 3 minutes into my run the Runtastic lady spoke to let me know I lost GPS, by the time it reconnected it claimed that my first km was over 8 minutes! It also reduced my run by half a km. Damn you technology, damn you to hell! I’ll be sure to time the run with my watch as well next time. In the stats I’ll put what Runtastic said I did and put it down to a blip.

Hopefully will do a run when I get home this evening, should probably make sure I do as we’re getting take away tonight.

Have a good Friday everyone!

Run stats – what Runtstic claims…
Distance – 4.55 km
Time – 27.24 mins
Average pace – 6.01 min/km



I did my second run yesterday. It was a little easier than the first one but still hard. My back wasn’t as achy either. I went as soon as I got home from work, just before 5pm so there was a bit of traffic dodging and a couple walking who didn’t hear me coming, think I may have given one of them a heart attack when a lanky, red faced, panting weirdo appeared all of a sudden behind them. Loads of puddles on the road too. At the start of the run I was trying to maneuver my way around them, by the end, no fucks given, I just wanted to get home. And this is only 5k! Just remembered I left my trainers wet in the hallway, smelly trainers when I get home.

I’ve also misplaced my armband for my phone so I used a sock, it was something I saw online. I’ll try and find it and put it in my next blog.

Run stats
Distance – 5.07 km
Time – 28.11 mins
Average pace – 5.33 min/km

Stray cats

Quiet Sunday at work. No one needs IT help on a Sunday. And the sun’s come out to rub it in.

Legs were a bit achy yesterday after my run but had a couple of call outs at work which meant I could stretch my legs a bit. Thought about a run this morning but had a bout of laziness. I will do one after work tomorrow. Don’t get home today until gone 7 and it’ll be too dark for a run, no street lights on country lanes and I don’t fancy taking on a car, losing and being found the next morning by a couple of stray cats.

Still working on that playlist, leave a comment if you’ve got any good tracks that aren’t Eye of the Tiger!